Sibling Discount Info

The HJFC is pleased to offer discounts for families with multiple participants in HJFC programs.  If a family has at least one registrant in the tackle football program, each subsequent registrant in any other program will result in a $50 discount.

How it works: Families with multiple siblings participating in HJFC programs can request a coupon code to be applied during registration.  To obtain a coupon code, e-mail the Club with the following details:

  • Name and contact information
  • Names of siblings and their ages
  • Which programs (Tackle, Flag, Cheer) which they will participate
  • Planned registration date

You will receive a response with a custom coupon code to be applied during registration.  Coupon codes are valid for one use by a single family and expire at a designated time.

Contact Info

PO Box 2593
Renton, WA  98056