Cheer Gear Ordering

Participants purchase their cheer gear directly using the links below

Participants can re-use some or all of their uniforms from prior seasons without re-purchasing all items each season.


ORDER DEADLINE:  Orders should be placed by JULY 31, 2019 to allow time for shipping and embroidery.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY:  The HJFC has a fit-kit available for testing sizes.  Sizing events and locations will be announced to registered participants.

COST:  The cost of all items below is approximately $200, before tax, shipping, and promotions.  We recommend ordering in as far in advance as possible to avoid supplier delays.  Pricing will vary depending on shoe style.

USE OF 2018 SEASON ITEMS:  Some cheer gear from 2018 can be used if it still fits.  This only applies to shoes, socks, raincoat, backpack, and briefs.  All other items must be purchased new for 2019.

EMBROIDERY:  The HJFC will collect certain Cheer Gear items by 8/22/19 to send out for embroidery.  The cost of embroidery is covered by registration fees.


Contact Info

PO Box 2593
Renton, WA  98056